Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just get on with it...

How do you know what people want?

So, do you know what your customers want or is it just a finger in the air?
When you set up your business did you create an offering around what you thought people would want? Did you see a gap in the market based on research? Did you just create something you wanted and felt others would want it too?
There are businesses out there based on all of these methods and more. So there is no right way of starting, in fact the best chance you have on being successful is setting up and opening the doors and adjusting your offering as you go along. 
Big brands look at market research and use it to shape their offering not create a solution. They also ask key questions which can shape what they already have, it’s more about confirmation than creation.
Sure establish a need, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be an overnight success, there is plenty of hard work involved even if people need what you have. 
It is important to get your product out there, the World of business is full of firsts; The first isn’t always the best and as real people use the product it quickly becomes apparent where the improvements are. This is true in retail and service offerings too. 
As a business I constantly evolve, I learn from each interaction, good or bad, to fine tune what I do. If I didn’t evolve I would be trying to teach businesses how to develop their businesses based on ideas created in the 80’s and 90’s! The internet didn’t exist and mobile phones were just taking off, the big news in small business marketing was fax mailings on mass.
We want perfection. If you have a product, a shop or a service you want it to be perfect, you want customers to look at it and say “Wow, that’s just perfect”. That’s just your ego, learn to except that perfection will never exist and get on with it.
Most customers don’t know what they want, they need you to show them. But once they have the general gist of what you have, they’ll soon tell you where you went wrong. That is where you can evolve, but listen carefully and choose wisely the changes you make. Don’t chase trying to be ‘all things to all men’ that’s an even bigger disaster!
Where you can get close to perfection is the service you offer your customers, when it comes to customer service I work with the following motto, “Good isn’t Good enough”. Create value around your customer service and the weaknesses of your offering become less important.
So just get it out there, listen to the criticisms and praise, carefully choose how to evolve and do it all again.

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